24-bit Enabler Released

CUPERTINO, California -- April 1, 1994 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today made an historical commitment to users of its world-famous Macintosh computer systems. In a move designed to ensure that users of early Macintosh computer systems received the maximum satisfaction from their new Macintoshes when migrating existing software and data to them, Apple Computer announced the 24-bit Enabler.

"This is a milestone for us," said Mike O'Soight, Apple's Software Fix Product Manager. "Many users were complaining that Word 5.1's translators had unexpected results, that many games they happily played on their old system no longer worked, and that they couldn't find the 24/32-bit addressing switch in the Memory Control Panel to see if that could make a difference. Now, using the same Apple-developed memory-control technology that made our 32-bit Enabler a renowned success, we are pleased to announce the 24-bit Enabler to address these issues for our AV models and all our future new Macintoshes."

The 24-bit Enabler will allow users more compatibility with their existing software base. "We at Apple now realise that backwards compatibility and customer satisfaction - being able to run the software you bought - are very important to our users, and we want them to choose Apple products again," added O'Soight. [When asked after the formal presentation, he denied, however, that Apple is paying a licensing fee to IBM for that idea. -Werner]

With the addition of third-party products from vendors such as Connectix, users will be able to access more than 8Mb RAM with the 24-bit Enabler. "That's crucial for us when prospective buyers compare Apple Macintoshes with other, competing, systems," commented Penny Forefort, a senior Apple marketing manager. "Other systems start having memory problems when managing more than 640K of RAM. Pointing out that the Macintosh only starts having problems at 8 megabytes of RAM - more than twice as much - is an important plus point for us in busy managers' checklists."

In a technology licensing exchange agreement, Apple has licenced the 24-bit Enabler technology to Connectix for use in their MODE24 product. Announcements on the Sound Manager 2 Enabler, designed to increase game-playing satisfaction, and the Apple Compatibility Display, a low-cost 512 by 312 monochrome viewing solution for Macintosh AV machines, can be expected shortly.

The 24-bit Enabler is available immediately as part of the Macintosh Hardware and Software System Performance and Enhancement Update 5.0. This is ready for download from AppleLink, and will appear on FTP.APPLE.COM when an Apple employee is allowed some spare time.

Apple Computer, founded seventeen years ago today, is one of the world's leading makers of multimedia telephone equipment.

MODE32 and MODE24 are trademarks of Connectix, Inc. Word is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

Macintosh, AV and Enabler are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Apple is a trademark of Apple Records, Ltd, used under licence.

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