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The January '96 issue of Dataton's 'News & Views' magazine carries an 
article by Steven Baker of the Telesis Corporation about the installation 
of Microsoft's presentation booths at Windows World '95 in Atlanta.

Lighting (over 300 channels), sound (32 channels) and visuals were all automated by Dataton Trax software running on Macintoshes. Trax is another innovative application that is only available on MacOS.

The title of the article? 'MICROSOFT GETS CONTROL WITH TRAX'. Well, it tickled me...

Contact: Dataton AB, Box 1257, S-58112, Link^ping, Sweden Tel: +46 13 10 24 50 Fax: +46 13 13 84 45

From anonymous

It's true. I work at a graphic design firm in Boca Raton, FL. (Home of IBM) One of the designers here came from IBM's design department a few years ago. Even then, he says, IBM's graphic department consisted of all Macs but had a sign on the door that read "Competitive Product Research Lab" or something like that. I guess they didn't want someone walking through and seeing the "Design Department" running PowerMacs. He said box design and POP stuff was done there.

>From an anonymous source:

Subject: Aptiva Relies on Mac Graphics

Reliable sources have confirmed that most of the key point-of-purchase promotion and packaging design for the IBM Aptiva were developed and executed on Power Macintosh 8500/120s and 8100/110s, from the cardboard boxes the Aptiva ships in to the brochures to the in-store displays.

This reminds me of the original animated Pentium ad, which was rendered on a bank of six Quadra 840avs... Just goes to show you that if you want to _talk_ about compute power, go with Wintel. But if you want to _use_ compute power, get a Mac.

From: Danpe@eworld.com

"Help Wanted "Senior Production Editor "CMP Publications, a top international publisher, is seeking a Production Editor with 3+ years' production experience, to strengthen the production department of WINDOWS Magazine. [graph deleted] along with a strong knowledge of Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator on a MAC." [rest deleted] [caps in original]

Too delicious not to share....

Dan Perlmutter

From: alexgollner@project.com (Alex Gollner)

Many of you may have seen the latest movie in the James Bond series: "Goldeneye". As with the previous movies, the producers are masters at product placement, and few of you could have failed to notice the placement of various IBM PCs products in the film. Fortunately Apple did save the day for world peace: the on-screen graphics were created on that computer we know and love: the Macintosh.

From: john@jdiamond.demon.co.uk

But of course it's not just Aptiva.

I'm a columnist on the London Times and had to squirm when that paper was bought up by Bill Gates on the day Windows '95 came out, and not least because I knew that most of the paper is designed each day on Macs. It's the same with almost every British computer magazine I've worked for: the pages are full of ads for PCs and articles comparing one lousy PC with another, and pundits talking about what wonderful things PCs are - and yet almost every one of them is put together on a Mac. Ask me how many times I've seen articles on the wonderful things PCs can do nowadays with DTP applications and natty graphics packages with no mention that the article was produced on a Mac because that machine is quicker, easier, more elegant. Don't ask.

John Diamond, London UK

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From: pettenghi@relay1.fininvest.it (Mario Pettenghi) To: Kawasaki@eworld.com >"Help Wanted >"Senior Production Editor >"CMP Publications, a top international publisher, is seeking a Production > Editor with 3+ years' production experience, to strengthen the >production department of WINDOWS Magazine. >..along with a strong knowledge of Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator on a > MAC." > >Too delicious not to share....

Yes, delicious. For the record main PC/DOS magazines in Italy are:


All mags are entirely done on Mac.

Subject: More on Macintosh and Golden Eye Message-ID: <951220164139_20919951@hp1.online.apple.com>

From: jbagby@ssi.sony.com (Jeff Bagby)

The merchandising for this movie (Tshirts and coffee mugs) as seen on last week's 007 special on TNT were designed on Macintosh PowerMac 8100/110 and 8100/ 80's. My company, Sony Signatures, did the design work.

Jeff Bagby Sony Signatures Technical Coordinator / Poet

From: bonacci@slc.eng.ascend.com (Tom M. Bonacci)

>From a recent EvangeList post: > All 2,300 (?) Holiday Inns worldwide were directed this month to > purchase at least one Macintosh for use with a new corporate > training program. Holiday Inns have been solidly PC/Wintel bastions ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Holiday Inn World-wide reservation system has been a Mac shop for quite some time. One of their (redundant) sites, located in Salt Lake City, has over 500 PowerMac 6100's running custom software 24 hrs/day. The entire system runs on thousands of Mac's.

From: johnchen@calitan.msuiit.edu.ph (JTChen)

The President of the Republic of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos (PFVR) and his executive staff are using Macintoshes. Malacanang Palace, the official residence of the President is networked with Macs, and is connected in such a way that the President and his staff share the same screen display, especially during meetings.

When the President is away on official trips abroad, he uses Apple Remote Access to exchange information with his staff at Malacanang Palace. His staff also created his personal home page using macs: <http://www.malacanang.gov.ph/>

From: patrickd@internet.com (Patrick Delahanty)

Had the Simpson trial taken place in Maine, Judge Ito would have had a PowerBook sitting in front of him. The Maine Judicial Branch is Macintosh based. The Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) has set Macintosh as the standard computer for Superior and Supreme court justices.

While not every judge has a computer, most of those that do tote a PowerBook 180. They can easily transport their Mac from county to county. Perhaps the most used program on the PowerBooks is WordPerfect. They are also equipped with modems so that the justices can call into their network to access e-mail.

Now if some of the phone lines in some counties would be brought up to date, it would be even easier for them to connect. (Some use obscure, old connectors... not the usual RJ-11's.)

So even though Justice is blind...she sure knows her computers!

>From a source I have to keep anonymous:

I saw some statistics from our MIS department on PC reliability. Among other things DOA numbers are tracked. DOA means the local crew has to phyically swap parts and/or send the machine back to the mfg. All of the data points represent more than 100 machines...

Apple 0.8% Compaq 3.0% Dell 7.3% Gateway 17.0% IBM 2.1% PackardBell 27.5%

There are lots of people who are paid just to set up PCs for their owners .. Macs are shipped directly to the owner as there are rarely problems. Just another example of corporate waste. :-)

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