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Subject: Subliminally Seduce Women Instantly!
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Would you like to win over any woman you want in less than an

hour? Do you want to start dating women that until now were 'out

of your league'? I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is

now  possible for you to achieve in minutes what typically takes

most men days, months, and sometimes even years to accomplish, 

SEDUCING A WOMAN! Skeptical? Read on.  

Most people already know that in certain applications subliminal

mind control can accomplish amazing things. You might have heard

how in the 1950s subliminal advertising was used in movie

theaters to induce an unnatural craving for popcorn, and an

unquenchable desire for Coke in just minutes. Did you know that

there are many types of subliminal thought control?  Certain 

types of subliminal influence work AMAZINGLY well while some

other types hardly work at all!

There are many things that even the best  computer enhanced

subliminal technology cannot do. Knowing and understanding what

is possible, and what is not, when using subliminal thought

altering recordings is the key to your success.

If you don't think modern subliminal technology can change your


Don't make the mistake of confusing the antiquated technology

used in the past with newly developed digital mastering

techniques. We have spent years developing computer enhanced

techniques that enable us to produce music recordings that

contain hidden mood altering underlying message tracks that

actually work! 

Even though, for years others may have tried to convince you that

subliminal thought control can be used to assist in eliminating

bad habits like smoking or overeating, we have found this to be

unrealistic. Trying to use a subliminal approach to make yourself

stop doing something you really want to do is a waste of time. On

the other hand, using subliminal suggestion to tell yourself (or

someone else) to go ahead and do something that comes natural to

them can be remarkably effective!

You cannot turn women into mindless sex slaves with this or any

other technology. You can, however, bring out natural urges which

may otherwise lie dormant. It is simply a fact that any natural

human desire such as  sleep, hunger and sexual cravings can be

GREATLY intensified by using subliminal commands.

When you play these tapes in the presence of any female who has a

normal sexual appetite, look out!  She won't know what came over

her!  Its completely undetectable! Even women you barely know,

when subjected to this invisible aphrodisiac will find you

interesting, better looking, and find themselves mysteriously

drawn and sexually attracted to you!

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lic Wednesday, November 5, 1997