Damn Liberals and Eric's Ultimate Solitaire

Delta Tao support calls by Joe "JoeDelta" Williams.

Most of our programs have "Easter Eggs," little surprises put in by the programmers. If you play Spaceward Ho! on Christmas, for example, all the planets wear little Santa hats instead of cowboy hats. And in Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, the card backs change to something appropriate for each holiday.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. Observed in all 50 states.

Call #1:

Lady: "I was playing solitaire yesterday, and my cards had changed and I couldn't get them back."

Joe: "Well, it was Martin Luther King Day. They're normal now."

Lady: "How can I be sure my cards won't be changing again in the future?"

Joe: "They will -- there are special card backs for many holidays. Our programmers put them in as a special surprise."

Lady: "But I don't want him in my game."

Joe: "We'll be happy to give you a refund if it offends you."

Lady: "You should have had some kind of warning that this was going to happen, so I'd know that before I bought it."

Joe: "You mean, like a sticker on the outside of the box: 'Warning! Card backs may change on holidays!'?"

Lady: "Well, yes, but in your advertisements, too. It's not right that I buy a game and then have the cards change on me."

Joe: "Thank you, we'll consider that in the future."

Lady: (not giving up) "You seem to be taking this rather lightly. What if I had installed this on one of the computers at the school where I teach? When the kids saw that... I could lose my job!"

Joe: "Uh, there was no school yesterday. It was Martin Luther King day."

Lady: "Yes, but still!"

Joe: "Are you suggesting that you'd be fired because you allowed your students to see a picture of Martin Luther King?"

[discussion of other holidays, religious and secular, and their potential ramifications deleted]

Lady: "Don't get flip with me, young man. Companies have been sued over less."

Joe: "Yeah."

About 10 minutes later, call #2:

Old Man: "I was playing solitaire yesterday, and my card backs were wrong."

Joe: "Yes, yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, so that was a picture of him. They're gone now until next year."

Old Man: "I don't want him on my computer."

Joe: "Well, we'd be happy to give you a refund if you're offended."

Old Man: "I want a version without him."

Joe: "I'm sorry, he'll no doubt be back next year."

Old Man: "I don't know why you picked him as the one card to change on me. He didn't do so much."

Joe: "Uh, Congress disagrees. And we have lots of holidays in there, not just this one."

Old Man: "I've been playing since September, and I've never seen it except for now."

Joe: "Trust me. There's one for Christmas, and Valentine's Day is coming up."

Old Man: "You just better think about what kind of people you put in there."

Joe: "Thank you!" Click.

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