Y2K, Year 200

Major Java Bug Discovered

Year 2000 Woes Don't Affect Java Until A.D. 292271023

Sun Microsystems Inc. today acknowledged the Year 292 Million Bug in the Java computer language, which could cause problems for Social Security recipients and millions of other computer-dependent users in 292271023 A.D.

Dr. James Gosling, the inventor of Java, divulged the problem and hastened to add that a team of specialists is now at work attempting to solve the problem sometime within the next 292,271 millennia.

"We can't be certain Java will be around that long," said Gosling, inventor of Java. "But then again, we can't take any chances. Two hundred and ninety two million-plus years may seem like a long time for a species. But relatively speaking, in astronomical terms, it's nothing." Added Gosling, "I don't mean to brag, but Java is taking on a life of its own. We do see it as the computing platform of the 21st century and well beyond."

For more information contact Lisa Poulson at lisa.poulson@eng.sun.com or 408-343-1630.

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