Cross-Platform TV Dinner

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-Aug. 1, 1997 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Netscape Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced the developer release of the Java TV Dinner SDK, a comprehensive set of meal components and services designed to simplify preparation of dinner. Unlike platform-specific solutions, Java TV Dinner lets developers "cook once, eat anywhere."

"I cooked dinner on my wristwatch and then crawled inside my microwave to eat it," said Marc Andreessen, Sr. VP of Technology at Netscape. "Damn near busted the door off, but boy, was it ever convenient."

Meal components include beans, peas, zucchini, nonfat blueberry frozen yogurt, penne pasta, and some leftover beef panang. IBM will provide a great big huge rare steak with potatoes and gravy and hollandaise sauce, and Oracle will provide that icky green stuff that you find inside a lobster shell.

Services include spoons and knives. Forks will be provided in a future version of the product.

Washington Apple Pi IFAQ
lic Wednesday, November 5, 1997