Netscape vs. Nitrous Oxide

According to

Amongst some folks I know, Netscape 2.0 is being affectionately (or, sometimes, insultingly) referred to simply as N20. N20, in case you didn't know, is also the chemical symbol for Nitrous Oxide, aka whippits, aka laughing gas.

Oh, like I can resist this.

Comparative features of N20 (the drug) and N20 (the software)
Feature N20 (the drug) N20 (the software)

Price $22/24 $49/1

mode of
transport Inhalant TCP/IP

Hardware whip cream, Windows, Mac,
requirements balloons Unix

Fun value high moderate

Visual sometimes usually

Auditory yup with plug-in

Causes horniness sometimes only if you're wierd

Kills brain cells yup unproven

Causes delusions
of grandeur yup yup

Mental effects causes philosophical causes religious wars

Supports HTML 3.0 no some

side effects memory loss urge to buy
B12 Deficiency $20 stock at $75
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