Signs Your Programmer is Nuts

Computer programmers tend to be a bit eccentric--after all, hacking all that code at 3 a.m. tends to warp your brain. But how do you know when your programmer has crossed the line from harmless fun to sheer, howling insanity? Below are the top ten signs your programmer is nuts:

10. Drinks decaf diet soda.

9. Hasn't even considered charging by the hour.

8. Pours melted chocolate over a stack of floppies and yells, "I included an Easter Egg!"

7. When you ask how the project is coming along, he reads lines of code to you.

6. Uses the year of release for version numbering.

5. "Wanna open a file? Press Escape, Transfer, Load."

4. Thinks a voice-control interface is whispering, "Do it again, baby" at the monitor.

3. Uuencodes software and reads the file from right to left for secret messages.

2. Four words: Press F1 to reboot.

1. Wears pizza, eats T-shirts.

Washington Apple Pi IFAQ
April 3, 1999 Lawrence I. Charters