Y2K, Year 200

Russia and Y2K

There have been reports that Russia is not taking the year 2000 bug seriously enough:


A little digging confirmed those fears...

10. Appointed Misha the Bear, the 1980 Olympics mascot, as official Y2K Czar.

9. Y2K task force always begins meetings with several ceremonial vodka toasts.

8. Programmers busy building Russian chess computer to beat the stuffing out of Big Blue.

7. Aeroflot never used computers for air traffic control anyway.

6. There's no catchy acronym like "Y2K" available in the Russian alphabet, and they don't want to hear about the "millennium bug" because the millennium actually begins on 1/1/2001.

5. "Y2K" misunderstood as unnecessary update of the still very popular AK-47.

4. Considering hard-line Communists' proposed solution: turn calendar back to 1918.

3. The computers that control nuclear missiles are already running Windows 98--and what could be more stable than that?

2. Intense Russian weather shuts down society every January anyway; why should the year 2000 be any different?

1. Some Russian officials overheard referring to this potentially earth-shattering event as "a fear-based marketing scam cooked up by a bunch of growth-addicted capitalists."

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