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Subject: Web-Vantage Weekly Wrap: 30-Sep-97

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We want you to know that you are receiving this document because some
time during the last three years, you subscribed to ________ -- the
cyberspace surfer. When your subscription expired, you opted either
consciously or by default to remain on the mailing list. As a result,
you received a __________ table of contents in your e-mail box every
other Monday. On Aug. 1, _________ purchased ________. Under the terms
of the merger we agreed to continue providing the free table of contents
service, now called _________, to members of the _________ mailing list.

If you want your address removed from this mailing list, please send a

to autoremove@___________. In the message, include the e-mail address of
the account at which you received this document. If you have tried
removal by sending a message to autoremove@____________ and are still
receiving these mailings, please send a message to remove@____________
and a human will assist you.

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lic Wednesday, November 5, 1997