Society for the Prevention of Gates Getting Everything

Society for the Prevention of (Bill) Gates Getting Everything

For Immediate Release

Monday, October 13, 1997

Contact: Bob Lawrence (619) 234-3110

San Diego -- "Hey, Bill, Leave some for the rest of us!" That"s the war cry of SPOGGE, The Society for the Prevention of (Bill) Gates Getting Everything!, a new venture established to give a unified voice to computer users, independent software developers, and others who are concerned about the growing control Microsoft and Bill Gates have over the worldwide computer and communications industries. SPOGGE (rhymes with rogue) provides these people with a common symbol to help them express their feelings in a highly visible manner.

Bob Lawrence, founder of SPOGGE, says, "No malice is intended by our project. Unfortunately, many anti-Gates websites on the internet are resorting to extreme language to voice their concern, describing Gates as the embodiment of evil. We at SPOGGE prefer to protest through humor and traditional forms of expression, ie.: imprinted t-shirts, mugs, "Rodent pads", and window stickers.

SPOGGE"s mascot is a roaring rodent named SPOGGIE, whose image appears on all SPOGGE official authorized products. We offer concerned citizens of the world a visual way to make their feelings known."

SPOGGE t-shirts are not actually purchased. The company calls them "licensed softwear." Company literature explains. "You don"t own your SPOGGEWEAR t-shirt. You are licensed to wear it. Only one person at a time may legally wear your shirt. If two or more people wear a single SPOGGEWEAR t-shirt at the same time, all but one of them is violating the license."

The company also offers a 10% discount on SPOGGE products to all Microsoft employees and anyone named Bill Gates. Buyers receive a free SPOGGE membership card with each purchase.

SPOGGE will donate 50 cents from each purchase to child computer literacy programs.

Lawrence can be reached at 619-605-0082, e-mail at, or the SPOGGE website:
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