Why we love Macintosh

Last Friday I had to stay home to take care of the kids. No problem, I keep all my email and other critical work on a Jaz drive. But Thursday night I realized that I had left my Jaz cartridge at work and worse, had ejected it from the machine.

Just to confirm, I connected to my work machine using Timbuktu (bought on the Evangelist discount, based on Guy's recommendation). Indeed I had ejected the drive.

So I brought up SimpleText, figuring I'd leave a large message on the screen in case someone saw my monitor in the morning - I work in a large open space and someone might walk by. It was then I remembered that SimpleText can do text to speech. So on th e off chance that someone was still hanging around the office at 11PM, I typed in a message asking anyone in earshot to insert my Jaz cartridge and selected "Speak All".

A few minutes later my Jaz icon showed up on the screen, and half an hour later I had transfered all my files to my home machine, along with an email message from a very startled co-worker who had not expected one of the machines in the room to suddenly start talking to him!

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lic Sunday, May 25, 1997