Y2K, Year 200

Y10K: The Next Big Thing

From: Dan on Mon, Sep 14, 1998 9:08
Subject: Y10K Problem/The Next Big Thing
Date: Sept. 14, 0000000001998
Subject: Future problems

Just read another big article about the Y2K "bug."
So, doesn't anyone today feel their records, files, or information
will be of any use beyond the year 9999? That's only 8000 years away,
and It's going to be pretty embarrassing, after all the Y2K hubbub,
to wake up in 9991 or so and realize, "Uh, what about the Y10K problem?"
I plan to be around then, reincarnated as a racoon (we'll rule the Earth
by then, another little change you'll have to get used to).
Don't say I didn't warn you. Of course, we can get a short reprieve
by starting over at 0 and using my birth year as the starting point.
Instead of "AD", we'll cite years as "SAD", "Since Arrival of Dan".


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