Y2K, Year 200

Y2K and Dr. Strangelove

The following press release is reproduced verbatim, just as it was received at Washington Apple Pi. And remember that you can only preserve your precious bodily fluids with branch water.

       Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM Urges Municipalities to Cease Water Fluoridation
               During Y2K Rollover to Avoid Risk of Fatalities

    CODY, Wyo., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM today urged cities and
municipalities to disconnect water fluoridation equipment during the Y2K
rollover to prevent possible fluoride fatalities.  Over the last 25 years
fatalities have occurred when fluoride saturation levels ran too high; some
due to faulty flow control systems.  In 1994, the New England Journal of
Medicine published a study of a fatal fluoride overdose incident in Alaska,
and dozens of verified fluoride "overfeeds" have occurred in cities and
schools across the country.
    Fluoride is highly toxic and can be fatal even in very small doses.
Consumer protections groups -- including, "Citizens For Safe Drinking Water"
-- have been fighting fluoridation of the nation's water supplies for years.
Now the Year 2000 problem presents a new risk to fluoridation: the possibility
that control systems might malfunction, dumping fatal doses of fluoride into
city water supplies.
    A story related by Senator Bennett (R-Utah) and reported by the Salt Lake
Tribune on January 18 describes such an incident, "Curious about what would
happen when the new millennium ticks in, a water-purification plant in Utah
set its clocks ahead to Jan. 1, 2000.  With computers ill-equipped to handle
the new date, the plant malfunctioned, dumping poisonous quantities of
chlorine and other chemicals into the water."
    On July 1, 1996, a national fluoridation engineer writing for the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention wrote, "When communities fluoridate their
drinking water, a potential always exists for a fluoride overfeed."  The risk
of a fatal fluoride overdose is highest in schools, where the low body weight
of children increases the risk of fluoride fatalities.
    Fluoridation equipment that is not electronic or chip-controlled does not
have a Y2K risk, but saturation devices based on embedded systems or computer
controls should be considered "unsafe" until proven otherwise . As a
precaution, Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM recommends that people avoid drinking from
fluoridated city water supplies and that parents do not allow their children
to drink water from a school until the risk of fluoride poisoning has been

    For more information, these Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM reports on the combined
Y2K / fluoride risk are available:


    Press Contact:  Mike Goodin, Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM, webmaster@y2knewswire.com,
Tel: 307-587-1338, Fax: 307-587-7448

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    /CONTACT:  Mike Goodin of Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM, webmaster@y2knewswire.com,
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