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Finally, a video produced to answer your big questions about Y2K . . .

1. How will it effect my family and me? Do I need to store food or cash?

2. How can I test and fix my personal computer?
3. Will my grocery store, bank, telephone or electricity still operate?

The truth is, it WILL affect your life. And it IS possible that many
businesses and utilities you rely on every day WILL NOT be ready. This
professionally produced video gives you:
1. Simple tests for your computer and software (yes, they DO need to be
2. Facts about the readiness of banks and utilities along with questions
you must ask them about their Y2K preparedness.
3. Important information so you and your family can prepare as you see

University professors, government Y2K specialists and small business
owners present answers you can use, NOW. Hosted by television news
journalist Dan Buck, this video walks you though the real story of Y2K.


The video presents questions you MUST ask your suppliers on their Y2K
compliance and will interview Y2K-compliant small business owners
providing practical advice on Y2K readiness. Don't get caught up in the
hype. Learn how to deal with it now!

A limited pre-release offer to e-mail recipients. The video will be
released February 14th. You may purchase the video at 50% off its
release price of $19.95. That's $9.95 + $2.00 S/H.

If you are interested in ordering, please go to http://XXXXXXXXXXXX and
use our online order form. Or, reply to this e-mail with your name -
e-mail address and phone number and a customer services representative
will contact you. Only recipients of this e-mail are eligible for this
special offer of $9.95 + $2.00 S/H.

You will receive no other offers via e-mail regarding this video.

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