Infrequently Asked Questions: Signs, Symbols, Posters

Instructions for modifying G.I. Joe and Talking Barbie in unusual ways (Acrobat .pdf, 134K)

Microsoft is committed to the Macintosh (QuickTime, 2.5 MB)
Bill Gates endorses the Macintosh (QuickTime, 4.1 MB)
How Microsoft claims DOJ, Netscape, Intel, Apple and consumers reacted (QuickTime, 276K)

Microsoft's opinion of DOJ, Netscape, Intel, Apple and consumers (25K AIFF) or in WAV format
The Department of Justice, Netscape, Intel, Apple, and consumers react to Microsoft's opinion (16K AIFF) or in WAV format
Bill introduces Windows 98 in May 1998 (150K AIFF) or in WAV format
(we couldn't get permission for the video clip, so you'll have to settle for sound only)
Commentary on the new Apple iMac (125K AIFF) or in WAV format
Commentary on hardware and software market in the 1990s (65K AIFF) or in WAV format
Tuva Throat Whistling: A Unique Experience (420K AIFF) or in WAV format
Expert Commentary on Microsoft's Victory Over Everyone (17K AIFF) or in WAV format
Secret Computer Taste Test (101K AIFF) or in WAV format
World's First Sonic Internet Locator (165K AIFF) or in WAV format
Really Good Sound to Use With Performa 6400 (64K AIFF) or in WAV format (Stereo speakers work best.)
What Windows Users Want To Hear When They Boot Their Computers (31K AIFF) or in WAV format

Hokusai's Shower on Mt. Fuji (180K GIF)
Hiroshige's Kanabara (375K GIF)
Hiroshige's Nihonbashi (61K GIF)
Mt. Fuji off Kanagawa (243K JPEG)

How weary Webmasters feel (JPEG, 9K)
Hot! The new Universal Uniform Resource Locator (UURL)
A View of Gaia (735K JPEG)
Age of the Ocean Floor (1700K GIF) Note: this is a huge, full-size poster, 610 x 790 mm (24 x 31 inches)
Photo of the United States (550K JPEG)
The Face of the Deep (132K JPEG)
Closeup View of the Neighbors (75K JPEG)
Periodic Table of the Presidents (18K)
Why Astronomers Believe in God (51K JPEG)
Meetings: the alternative to work (48K)

Windows NT 4.0 Inside (63K GIF)
Windows 3.1 Inside (11K GIF)
Spiral Mac Startup (219K GIF)
Power Through It (49K JPEG)
Welcome to Paradise (76K JPEG)
It's Never Too Late for 1984 (51K GIF)
Metallic MacOS Startup Screen (97K JPEG)
HAL's Birthday (46K GIF)
Great Disasters of the 20th Century (46K GIF)
Spotlight on MacOS (111K GIF)
Glowing MacOS (87K JPEG)
PowerPC: The Future of Computing (112K GIF)
Fighting Back for Mac! (38K GIF)
3D Apple Startup Screen (92K GIF)
Bill Gates of Borg (39K JPEG)
Windows and Your Checking Account (72K GIF)
The First Apple (28K)
The First Microprocessor (15K)
A Look at MacOS 8 (8K)
A Look at Windows 98 (6K)
Windows 95 Reveals Itself (44K JPEG)
How Windows 95 Was Designed (62K)
What Really Happens Inside Your Computer (7K)
No Intel Inside background (11K)
Alternate Windows 95 start button (38K)
Congratulations! (3K)
Windows 95 alternate startup (small 30K GIF)
Windows 95 alternate startup (large 42K JPEG)
Windows 95 Outside (2K)
Power User startup screen (69K)
Troubleshooting Guide (11K)
Actual photo of World Wide Web! (101K)