Subject: Re: Re: information
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 03:25:16 +0200


Satellite Telephone: 00 871 762 919 855
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Dear Sir,

I am Moustapha Abacha, the second surviving son of the late General Sani Abacha.

We hereby acknowledge the receipt of your mail to my mother with thanks,

May Allah reward you greatly for your decision to assist us in this mutually beneficial transaction;

My mother has insisted that I deal with you directly at this crucial stage in this issue rather than the family lawyer.

As my mother has rightly informed you,we are seriously in distress as all our saved money abroad totaling over Us$700M has been confiscated by the Nigerian government.

If you have been following my family's profile in the news lately, you would have read all this things up.

I wish to inform you at this time that my mother will be reaching you Based on the fact that she would really want to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

So many people have disappointed us home and abroad, even people who benefited from my fathers regime have all bitten the finger that once fed them, that is why we had to throw caution to the wind and trust you a stranger who we had never met all our lives.

Dear Friend,

as much as we recognize that a lot of wonders happen these days, you do not have to doubt the authenticity of my mothers mail to you, because we are really oppressed, and we need the assistance of a God fearing person and a good natured man like you to help us clear our funds from a security company, and bank it up for us while we make arrangements to travel and join you up once the surveillance on us is reduced.

For security purposes, I shall be coordinating the Business transaction as tight security is presently placed on my mother, we cannot afford to Lose the only remaining US$40.30 Million, of all that my fatherleft for us. At the moment, the funds are in a security company and were deposited As African Artworks in some luggage. As soon as we are sure that we can trust you, we shall go ahead to send you the Certificate of deposit and the luggage numbers and security code numbers.

For the purpose of security and confidentiality, I would require that You and I proceed with this business with telephone and fax communication, as I would not want to discuss this transaction on The Internet for security reasons.

So I would suggest that we conduct this business through telephone and fax communication, while my mother will be reaching you via e-mail as security agents bug her telephone line.

As, as soon as I hear from you through my Satellite Telephone numbers and email Address as above, I shall furnish you with the whole details of how to Finalize the transaction and other information you might require or other things you might need to know and also you should be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free and success guaranteed.

There are documents backing the legitimacy of this transaction that will convince your bank or any other bank that might doubt the authenticity of these funds.

Also I will send you more information and other information you might require via fax immediately I hear from you on my telephone.

I look forward to your urgent response, as my mother and the rest of the immediate family genuinely need your help.

Truly Yours,