Subject: Business assistance
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 06:14:58

Mr. Christopher Allevanmento
Rue De Lausanne 72
1202 Geneva.
TEL/FAX:- +41 1 274 2793


Through the courtesy of business opportunity and after a discreet but thorough inquiry at the Foreign Office of the Swiss trade department, I write you this letter of request for partnership which I hope you will give your urgent attention.First and foremost I would like to state at this point that this is by no means a scheme of any sort and neither is it an attempt of any kind to play on the intelligence of your goodself, upon contact, further proof of the authenticity of this transaction would be provided and you have my assurance that your decision to proceed will not contravene the ethics of your better judgement.

We are a team of venture capitalists /project finance consultants who had, a couple of years ago, come together to form a "Tenders Committe" established for the provision of financial/banking services to third world nations whom at the time where under economic santions by several nations.The Tenders committee was established to be an autonomous body enpowered by these countries to manage their foreign resources or to provide finances for areas of need in these nations like infrastructure such as bad roads, drug shortages in the hospitals,education and portable water etc.We were also responsible for awarding contracts and sourcing contractual executors to meet these needs ,inturn the countries involved would receive invoices from us for these amounts and make payments after they have been approved.

On the 9th of February 2000 we facilitated several contracts amounting to approximately US$600 Million to the consortium of several foreign companies like ABB Lummus, J.G.C. Corporation of Japan, Bouygues Offshore and a Joint Venture of Spiebatignoles and Fouguerolle, for an Engineering procurement.However, my colleagues and I in the Tenders Committee decided to over-inflate the contract sum to the tune of US$621.5m with intention of sharing the $21.5 Million Amongst ourselves.

The Governments in question have approved the total of $621.2M and are prepared to mobilize these funds to the designated companies. Since these companies will be receiving their entire contractual obligations, we intend to allocate the remaining amount of 21.2M to a trustworthy individual's company account for disbursement to us at a later date. My colleagues and I have agreed that should you agree to these conditions we are willing to look into transferring the over invoiced $21.5M to your company and a negotiable percentage will be reatined by you while the remainder will be sent back to us when this has been completed. Should you however decline this offer we apologise for wasting your time and would seize contact henceforth, however should you be interested please send a fax preferreably a FAX to +41 1 274 2793 stating your interest so we may commence with the necessary processes/documentation that would effect the conclusion of this mutually beneficial offer. We hope this is an opportunity that would merit your immediate consideration.

Mr. Christopher Allevanmento
Tel:- +41 1 274 2793
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