Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:58:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wilson Dennis

Dear Sir,

With due respect to humanity, I humbly write to solicit your assistance.

I am Dennis Wilson a Sierra Leonean temporarily living here in Abidjan, Ivory coast West Africa with my sister Jilo. We are here as political refugee, we are war victims We humbly wish to seek your assistance toward guidelines in resettling and investment in your country because of the war in my country, if you will not let down the trust and confidence we are willing to repose in you.

We are looking for a trust and faithful father or mother, who will carry us as his or her children and help us in planning a nice future.

We are the remaining family of DR. OKUMA SIMON one of the politicial and greatest gold dealer in our country Sierra Leone. My beloved father was killed in a peace conference on how to find lasting solution to end the brutal war going on in our country, when the R.U.F rebels troops storm the peace meeting and assasinated some top government officials including my father.

Life is so hard for us here in Abidjan, IVORY COAST. Life has become miserable for us since the death of my beloved father. Before my father died, he willed a certain sum of money, ranging to about US$15,000,000.00, to me and my sister and this money was deposited in a Private Security Company in Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire, pending when I will grow up and collect the money, and now, I have reached the aclaimed age.

Now, we are terribly in need of this money to lay a better foundation for our future and would want to clear this deposit from the Security Company as quickly as possible. All the documents covering the deposit as well as beneficiary is in my name. The Security company does not know that what is deposited with them is money, it was declared as "FAMILY VALUABLES", originally, when my father deposited it, for security reasons.

We have tried to contact them, but they ask us to come in person with Affidavit of Trust that I am actually his son, Or nominate someone we trust to represent us with the Power of Attorney and the Affidavit of Trust, including a letter of Authorisation.

Please, I am contacting you to seek for your assistance in helping us, (my sister and I) out of this difficulty that we are in now. We will compensate you handsomely. We are willing to give out 20% from the total amount and Map out 5% for any expenses that could be made. I want this to be highly confidential between us and you, because the Government of my country sierra Leone that is headed by President Alhaji Tejan Kabbah being my father's political enemy, has frozen and repatriated all my late father's account because he is no more alive.

So this deposit is our only hope and would not want him to get this money from us or our future is at risk. We want you to help us and you will be highly rewarded, So, if you are willing to help us then reply me and give me your private telephone and fax number for further information and conversation with me on how we can proceed. We await your response.

Thanks and God bless you.

Dennis Wilson Simon (Heir)
Jilo (Sister)

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