Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 19:16:22 +1100

Investment Proposal from:
C/o Afri-Projects Consult Ltd.,
No. 53 Opebi road, Ikeja,
Lagos - Nigeria.
Private Fax:234-1-7599214

Attn: The Director/Chief Executive


This request for your assistance is of mutual benefit to us all. Our company is specialised in contract syndication, projects consulting, monitoring/supervision and management services.

We have recently used our network of relationships, to secure a contract valued at US$350,000,000.00 (THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS only) from the Federal Ministry of Works & Housing (F.M.W.H.). This contract was in favour of a Foreign based Multi-national company. This contract has been fully executed and the contractors have already received their payments from the Ministry of Works & Housing.

However, before the contract was awarded, we had understanding with officials of Federal Ministry of Works & Housing, that 10% (TEN PERCENT) of the total contract sum would be our commission for our services in recommending the contractors and for helping to conduct various negotiations leading to final agreement. This 10% amounting to US$35,000,000 (THIRTY-FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS ) is due for payment to a foreign account of our choice. This amount is owned by our goodselves, some top officials of Central Bank, and Federal Ministry of Works & Housing.

To this end, we have decided to use your services in supplying an offshore account abroad to receive this amount, with you acting as our main partner and trustee contractor abroad. It does not matter whether yourself/company does contract projects of the nature described here. This is because Foreign individuals or Foreign firms of unrelated fields win major contracts and subcontracts from Foreign Multi-national and big trading companies. Therefore, the line of business of yourself/company is not a hindrance to the successful execution of this transaction.

So far after due consultations, you were strongly and reliably recommended to us, although we have not met or entered into any kind of contract with you before as to know the extent of your honesty, but based on the recommendations, I personally want to believe that you are honest enough and would not sit on the money when its finally get into your account.

To enable us effect payment of this amount of US$35,000,000 into your nominated account, you should immediately, send the following details to enable us apply for the transfer of the funds to your account: THE NAME OF THE BANK AND ADDRESS, NAME OF BENEFICIARY, ACCOUNT NUMBER, TELEPHONE, FAX AND TELEX NUMBERS OF THE BANK WHERE THE MONEY WOULD BE TRANSFERRED INTO AND ALSO YOUR PRIVATE TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBERS FOR QUICK COMMUNICATION.

This money is jointly owned by us and top officials as mentioned above. Because of the civil servantās involvement in the business, we have decided to keep everything about this business secret. All necessary arrangement have been made for the transfer of the funds into your account which they are awaiting for your above mentioned details to enable us make proper documentation and apply for the transfer of the funds into your account. Please note THAT the transfer operation will take seven to ten working days to be completed. It however requires your adequate participation and support to enable its accomplishment on schedule. It is important to state here that this transaction is legitimate and safe and there are no risk involved.

Meanwhile, we have agreed that the fund will be shared as follows after it has been remitted into your account:

A. you shall have a benefit of 25% of the fund for your role as the foreign beneficiary of the fund.
B. 5% has been set aside for reimbursement to both parties for incidental expenses that may be incurred in the course of this transaction.
C. The remaining 70% would be for our company and the top officials.

Be informed that on completion of this business our company will use part of its share of the money to invest in your country under your care.

Please send an email to me on my Private E-mail Address: above so that we can commence the whole transaction.

Thanks in anticipation and God bless.

Sincerely yours,

(Executive Director).