Subject: A Call For Help.
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 22:46:00
From: "Mrs. Kafilat Kwame"

Dear Sir,

I am the widow Dr. Kofi Ahmed Kwame. My late husband was the Director General of the Federal Ministry of Finance in the Ghanian Government of 1979, before the immediate past President Mr. Jerry Rawlings seized power in a military coup, and executed almost everybody in the outstaked government and those that has ever served in the previous governments before that, on the charges of corruption/embezzlement.

In the heat of this confusion my late husband escaped with all of us (his entire family) to a neighboring Country of Republic of Benin, where we have lived till date. My dear husband died two months ago and has been buried in the city of Cotonou here in the Benin Republic. After his burial I and my first son who has just graduated from the University read through every file in his Study and in his Safe.

Shocking as we discovered in one of the files in his safe that my husband lodged the sum Sixty eight million, four hundred U. S. dollars (US$68.4m) with a Security Company here in Cotonou. My son and I went to the concerned Security Company for the release of the aforementioned fund to us.

To our greatest surprise we were told that it is true that my late husband lodged such money with them, but that there was no way they were going to release it to us, because from their records my late husband indicated that he kept the money in trust for a Foreign Investor. To this end, the Security Company is insisting categorically that they will release the money only to the supposed Foreign Investor.

This is where you come in. I want you to present yourself to this Security firm as the Foreign Investor that owns this money. I also want you to see my contacting you as the fight of a desperate woman who wants to save her family. You may not understand this, but I want you to know that my late husband died in penury and that in itself left immense pains in my heart, I keep pondering why he lived a double life, not letting me or my children know about this money.

With the Presidential By-Election held on the 28th of December 2000, the government of Mr. Jerry Rawlings came to an end, and the President elect MR. JOHN KOFUOR been sworn in. Honestly, I need this money to go back to Ghana now that Rawlings is out of the way and plug my first son back into politics; I am determined to regain my family's respect and integrity. In demonstration of my gratitude in anticipation of your co-operation, I am very much willing to part with 27% (thirty percent) of the total sum to you for helping me out.

I found your contact in my late husband‚s Study, and have the conviction of God in my heart that you will not let me down.

Waiting for your immediate reply.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Kafilat Kwame (Hajia).