Subject: very urgent
Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 22:59
From: pasuma tunde


Dear sir,


With reference to an introduction and recommendation made of your esteemed firm by the Nigerian chamber of commerce, Industry and Agriculture ,I do hereby wish to commence talk with you on a highly confidentiallevel .

I am an accountant and member of the ĪTender Committeeā of my corporation, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation[NNPC]. After due consultation with other members of the committee ,I have specifically been mandated to arrange with you for possible transfer of some funds being an over estimated sum resulting from various contracts executed by Saipem Group snamprogtti and otherforeign firm for my corporation.

The contracts in question were for the following;

1. the construction of OSO condensate recovery plantworth $ 1.2 Billion.

2. Construction of several pipeline networks worth $1.0 Billion for crude, gas and petroleum productsevacuation.

3. purchase of drilling and production equipment worth $ 700 million.

4. 80 million for turn around Maintenance[T.A.M]

The original value of these contracts were purposely over-invoiced by us [Tender Committee] with the sum of $ 28,000,000 [TWENTHY EIGHTmillion U.S Dollars].Now the all the firms have received their supposed payments accordingly and the projects commissioned, we want this over inflated sum to a trusted foreign partnerās account. We have agreed that if your company can act as the beneficiary, you or your company will retain 30 of the total amount while 10% will be set aside to offset any bill [expenses] incurred during the courseof transfer.

All modalities have been worked out with top officials of Federal Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Nigeria to facilitate the remittance of this sum to your account within [10]working days of receiving the following particulars/information from you.

A. Name of the Bank ,Account Number ,Telex and Faxnumber of the bank.
B. Your Personal Telephone and fax number.
C. Name of Company/Beneficiary

On your sending these particulars, we shall arrange a meeting immediately with the officials involved for a face to face talk. Final arrangement has been perfected here for a successful and hitch-free transfer of this sum of money into your account.

The personalities involved in this business are top and influential government functionaries who would not like any form of exposure and as such would want you to keep this business a top secret and confidential.

Please handle this arrangement with maturity, topmostsecrecy and urgency.

Please send the particulars through the above E/MAIL ADDRESS ćTPASUMA@FASTERMAIL.COM.Pleas call me immediatly if you are interested.Thank you as we look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Tunde