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Date: Sat, 5 Jan 1980 19:19:05 -0100
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From: Mrs. Patience Saro Wiwa.
Ogoni Tribe Nigeria,


My name is Mrs. Patience K. Saro Wiwa, I hail from Ogoni, a minority but an oil rich tribe of the eastern Nigeria (west Africa). You may have been aware that my husband, Mr. Ken Saro Wiwa, renowned poet was recently hanged among eight others, by the tyrannical military led government of Nigeria.

Their offence lied only on their resolve to fight without arms, for the right of the ogoni people whose land and natural resources have been subjected to untold pollution and other serious environmental degradations as a result of oil-drilling activities by the oil companies. Government refused to pay any meaningful financial compensation to the people of ogoni hence the armless struggle by my late husband and his elite compatriots leading to their cruel demise. The attorney to my late husband called a fortnight ago and intimated me that some money is due from an association of oil companies to my late husband, in the sum of twenty-nine million, united state dollars (US $29M).

He has also suggested that I should make an arrangement for a bank account out side Nigeria where this money will be transferred. This is to avoid any possibility confiscation by the ravaged, thirsty government of Nigeria. This where I solicit for your assistance. I shall be please to give you 10% of the total sum if you would offer me your bank account for this purpose, 10% of it will be donated to some organization as my late husband has willed, while my children and I would utilize the rest to continue our life out side Nigeria. Please be kind hearted enough to contact my family attorney on this Global fax:44- 870-135-7664, or send to him the following details: A.The appropriate bank account number to be used. B.Suitable communication lines (where he could reach you for easier communication). My attorney name is Barrister.Aye Opobo. I count on your mercy and understanding.

Yours in need,

Mrs. P. Ken Saro Wiwa.