Subject:     Infringement of Copyrighted Material
Sent:        4/29/97 1:04 PM
Received:    4/30/97 11:29 AM

April 29, 1997
We have today visited your website and noticed that you have reproduced our
article, "The Etiology and Treatment of Childhood," without having received
written permission from our company to do so. While it is certainly
flattering that you would think that this piece is funny enough to be
showcased on your website, please note that this article is owned and
copyrighted by Wry-Bred Press, Inc., was originally published in the Journal
of Polymorphous Perversity (a humor magazine published by Wry-Bred Press),
and is under contractual arrangement with Random House, Inc. Therefore, we
must requestthat you immediately cease and desist from using this copyrighted
material on your website.
Thank you.
Glenn Ellenbogen, Ph.D.

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