A Little Holiday Cheer

(to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Rushing to your job,
You tune the radio;
You hear the "Big Three" say,
"The Feds don't work today!"

You turn your car around
You hit a drift of snow;
You file for worker's comp
and your boss yells



Furlough Days! Furlough Days!
Furlough Days are here.
What a joke it is to see
The posturing of the Hill!

Furlough Days! Furlough Days!
Furlough all the way!
Don't expect to get your check,
Your job is shot to heck!

But, wait, more news is here.
It seems they've reached a pact;
The message now is clear,
They really need us back!

All that we have to do,
Is work on Christmas Day;
Forfeit all our annual leave,
And vote the way they say!


(repeat chorus)

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