Night Before

It's the night before Christmas and all through my house,
Dad sits with the Mac, He's using the mouse;

Installing new software that should be no risk, and
Hope the next CD will run from its own disk.
When what did my eyes see so perfectly clear
Not one, but two volumes of technical gear.

The developer it seems, could prevent many problems
and keep that fine PC from crashing too often
I chuckled to myself with a sigh of relief
as the problems encountered seemed beyond belief.

Four pages for Windows though version 3.1
and then when I thought that it would be done,
But appeared in bright orangelike it might be alive
were four pages for users of Win 95!

I found the instructions for Mac tucked away
In a spot on the quick start without much to say.
Place the disk in the tray then sit down on your bum
Then click on the icon, and go have your fun!

Glad I have a Mac. Merry Christmas

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