Antenna Sex

This guy pulls up in his customized Chevy van, parks, walks into a singles bar. A while later he comes out with this voluptuous woman. They drive up to lookout point, park the van and climb into the back. After some preliminary foolin' around, the young lady says: "Go break the aerial off your van and bring it back and whip me with it."

At first, the guy refuses. But eventually he gives in to her pleading and goes and breaks the aerial off. He comes back and proceeds to whip her with it. She moans and groans, and writhes and wriggles and has multiple earth shattering . . . She rests for a while then says: "Now I'll whip you with it."

At first, he refuses, but soon gives in to her cooing and pleading. She grabs the aerial and slaps him with it while she moans and groans, and writhes and wriggles and has yet another series of earth shattering . . . while raising a few welts on this dude.

This 'ol boy is about tuckered out for one night, so he takes the bombshell home. When he wakes up the next morning, he don't feel too good. Then, for the next couple of days, he feels really bad. Finally, he's feeling sooooo bad that he checks into a hospital. The doctor comes in, pulls back the sheet, shakes his head, and says: "Young man, you should have seen a physician immediately."

The doctor then turns to the nurse and declares:


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