Role Models

A few months ago, Howard Stern hosted Julie Cailini ('96 Playmate of the Year) and Stacey Sanchez ('97 Playmate of the Year) for a morning of sordid joviality. The ladies, who were promoting their latest calendars, answered ten questions from Howard, ostensibly to demonstrate how important it is for them as role models for young women to stay up on current affairs.

The ladies' answers were amusing (and a bit sad), but the bit did prove that you don't have to be a neurosurgeon to earn a pile of cash! Love him or hate him, you have to appreciate Howard's sense of the absurd.

Q: Who is the President of Russia?
Julie: "Gorbachev"
Stacey: "Gretzky"
(correct answer: Boris Yeltsin)

Q: Define the meaning of NAACP.
Julie: "Something, something, for Certified Pianists"
Stacey: "It's some kind of police organization."
(correct answer: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

Q: Who was the inventor of the lightbulb?
Julie: "I know Edison invented the telephone, but I can't remember the lightbulb guy."
Stacey: "I don't know."
(correct answer: Thomas A. Edison. Alexander Graham Bell was the phone guy!)

Q: Who is the Speaker of the House?
Julie: "Gore something-or-other."
Stacey: "Bill Clinton."
(correct answer: Newt Gingrich)

Q: Define the meaning of the letters CIA.
Julie: "I don't know."
Stacey: "Certified Investigation Association."
(correct answer: Central Intelligence Agency)

Q: What is the center of our solar system?
Julie: "The Equator"
Stacey: "The Moon"
(correct answer: The Sun)

Changing his tack to create better odds for the girls, Howard switched to what he termed "industry related" questions:

Q: What do the initials "DK" stand for?
A: both knew it was fashion designer "Donna Karan."

Q: What is "Cristal?"
A: both knew it was an elite champagne

Q: What car company has a model known as a "911?"
A: both knew it was Porsche

Q: Who's face is on the (U.S.) $100 bill?
A: both knew it was Ben Franklin

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lic Saturday, November 8, 1997