Infrequently Asked Questions: Society


Due to recent Budget cuts, effective immediately, smoke will be eliminated from this organization's operations. From now on it will be run entirely on mirrors.

Spice Girl Job Application
You Aren't A Kid Anymore When--
Worst Things to Say to a Police Officer
World Traveller
Signs of Burnout
Lesser Known Dog Breeds
Elevating Story
Do It Yourself Country Western Song
Dallas Cowboys Jokes
Something to Chew On
Bargain Shoes
Darwin Awards
Bad Academic Writing
Questions to Ponder
Norm Peterson's Famous Quotes
In Disguise
Interesting Statistics
Three Samurai
Painful Passage of Time
Keeping The Maid
Chinese Mystery
Sugar Scandal
Signs That You're Old
Jesus and Elvis
Are You Feeling Old?
Divine Zodiac
Flowers and Bees
Warped Rules to Live By
The Gene Pool Need Chlorine
Potato Family
Points to Ponder
The Bums
Letter from Home
Texas Sayings
Stray Thoughts
Quotable Quotes
Nothing to Do At Work
Real Beer
Signs of the Times
Firefighters Reward
You Know You're Drinking Too Much Coffee
Blind Leadership
Community Service
Religion, Royalty, Sex, Mystery
Pub Crawl
Redneck Driver's License Application
True Dumb Criminal Stories
Got Any Grapes?
Life Lessons from Melrose Place
Smart Radio
Quasimodo's Replacement
Fighter Pilots
Airplane Anecdotes
Cat Bathing as a Martial Art
Why Sports Schoarship is an Oxymoron
Help Feed Air Force Pilots
Rules of Combat
Vampire Blindness
Job Application
I'm An Ocean Buoy
Ecumenical Thoughts
The W.C.
Eternal Matrimony
Unchecked Luggage
Reasons to Move to Texas
Vatican Debate
You Know You're Not A Kid Anymore When
Did You Know
The Unlicensed Goatee
Air Force Maintenance
Arresting Look
Beware Friends
Bumper Stickers
Have You Ever Wondered...
Hidden Talents
The Moped and the Sportscar
Useless But Interesting Facts
Keeping Wackiness Alive in the Workplace
Talent Pool
Taxing Situation
You Know It Is Time To Get Out Of Consulting
Famous Last Words
Things No Longer Strange
Buzzwords for Managers
Nuke-A-Fridge (TM) Program
Bones of an Organization
The Bug Count Also Rises
The Index of Leaving Indicators
Mrs. Field's Cookie Recipe
50 Ways to Disrupt a Final Exam
50 Fun Things for Professors To Do
Bad Ads
Algebraic Economics
Account Codes
Insurance Form Accident Reports
Business Laws
Bumper Stickers
60 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate
Battle Hymn of the Reorg
Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Corporate America
Economics Short Course
Commandments of Operational Security
Claims Form
The Top 15 Problems Encountered Along the Olympic Torch Route
Divine Lisp
Deep Thoughts
DC Driving
Dictionary of Evaluation Comments
English is Tough Stuff
English Subtitles
Employer Talk
Employee Evaluation Form
Great Thoughts
The Great Outdoors
Great Moments in Marketing
Genesis and the Environment
Number of the Beast
Marxist/Maoist Analysis of Decadent Breakfast Cereals
The Saga of Management Review of Writing Style
Managed Caring
Ludwig and the Bassists
The Rest of the Story
The Really Hard Questions in Life
The Rabbit, The Fox and the Wolf: A Fable
One Liners
Hostess Twinkies Icebox Cake
To MIT, With Love
The Window
Thank You, Please Resubmit
Tag Lines
New Support Fees
Sucking Gas
Shaggy Dog Bus
Your Car Speaks Volumes
World's Easiest Quiz
Words Not Yet In the Dictionary
Weird Trivia
37 politically correct ways to say someone is stupid
25 Ways to Cope With Stress
I Wanna Be Like Mike
The Biggest Lies
Technical Harassment
Slogan Translation
The Friendly Skies
Southern Wurds
Parrot Story
Mail Hazards
How to Be Annoying
Marketing Goofs
Spam Haiku
Horror Movie Survival Guide
Survival Guide
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Tips on Proper English
Competitive Analysis
DayDoubler Announced
Anagrams Reveal Hidden Truth
Corporate Prayer
Sprechen Vous Espanol?
You Might Be A Redneck
Quality Assurance and Schubert
Headlines *updated*
Children's Books That Were Banned Last Year
Top 10 reasons why Beer is better than Religion
Government Contracting Dictionary
Vertically Challenged Red Riding Hood
The New Priest
Politically Correct Terms
Signs You're Going to Have a Bad Day
Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia
If Dr. Seuss Wrote TNG
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Don't Go to the Fridge for a Beer
Life Learning
Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
Patient Code of Ethics
Three Little Pigs
Useful Phrases
An Ode to Spot
Signs of the World
Really Stupid Quotes
Ito's Bar and Grill
Boston Driving Rules
Psychiatrist Voice Mail
World History
The Sculpture
BFD Vending Service
Real Estate Guide
Top Tips
Soap Wars
School Excuses
Letters to Landlords
How It Happens
Divine TQM
Letter to the French President
Courtroom Shorts
The Accident
Church Bulletins
Certificate to Play
Most Bizarre Suicide
Thoughts for Any Crisis
100 Ways to Say No
96 One-Liners
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