Bargain Shoes

An Army Ranger was passing through Louisiana and decided to get a pair of genuine alligator shoes. After checking the going prices he felt they were too steep for him. So, he decided to go into the wilds, get an alligator and craft his own shoes.

The shopkeeper to whom he said this told him; "Fine, good luck. Maybe you'll run into two Marines who were in here this morning and decided to do the same thing".

The Ranger headed out into the bayou and sure enough, came upon two men standing in waist-deep water. He thought; "They must be the two Marines." Just then the Ranger saw a huge 'gator swimming toward one of the Marines. Just as it was about to strike, the Marine grabbed its neck and strangled it. Both Marines dragged it to shore and flipped it over onto its back. Lying there were several more of the creatures.

One of the Marines then exclaimed; "Damn, this one doesn't have any shoes either!"

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lic Sunday, January 11, 1998