Commandments of Operational Security

   I.     Thou shalt not park thy helicopter in the open, for it
          bringeth the rain of steel.
  II.     Thou shalt not expose thy shiny mess gear, for it
          bringeth unwanted guests to chow.
 III.     Thou shalt not wear white T-shirts, or thine enemies
          will dye them red.
  IV.     Thou shalt provide overhead concealment, for thine
          enemies' eyes are upon thee.
   V.     Thou shalt cover thy tall antenna, for fly swatters
          groweth not in yon wood.
  VI.     Thou shalt use a red lens on thy flashlight, or it shall
          appear as a star in the East.
 VII.     Thou shalt cover the glass on thy vehicle, for the glare
          telleth thine enemy thy location.
VIII.     Thou shalt blend with thy surroundings, for trees groweth
          not in yon desert.
  IX.     Thou shalt cover the tracks of thy vehicle, for they
          draweth pretty pictures.
   X.     Thou shalt cover thy face, hands, and helmet, for thine
          enemies maketh war not on bushes.
  XI.     Thou shalt not drape thy net on thy tent, for it looketh
          like tent draped in net.
 XII.     Thou shalt hide the wires of thy commo, for they
          pointeth to thee.
XIII.     Thou shalt practice the art of dispersion, or one round
          will finish you all.
 XIV.     Thou shalt pick up thy trash and litter, for they
          exposeth thy presence.
  XV.     Thou shalt conceal the noise of thy generator, for thine
          enemies are listening.

Washington Apple Pi IFAQ
lic Sunday, February 8, 1998