Congressional E-mail Addresses
105th Congress

(as of January 15, 1997)

United States Senate

     ST  PT   Name                 E-Mail Address

     AK   R   Stevens, Ted
     AK   R   Murkowski, Frank

     AL   R   Sessions, Jeff
     AL   R   Shelby, Richard

     AR   D   Bumpers, Dale

     AZ   R   Kyl, Jon   
     AZ   R   McCain, John

     CA   D   Boxer, Barbara
     CA   D   Feinstein, Dianne

     CT   D   Dodd, Christopher
     CT   D   Lieberman, Joseph

     DE   D   Biden, Joe 

     FL   D   Graham, Bob
     FL   R   Mack, Connie

     GA   R   Coverdell, Paul

     HI   D   Inouye, Daniel

     IA   D   Harkin, Tom
     IA   R   Grassley, Charles

     ID   R   Craig, Larry
     ID   R   Kempthorne, Dirk

     IL   D   Moseley-Braun,Carol

     IN   R   Lugar, Richard

     KY   D   Ford, Wendell
     KY   R   McConnell, Mitch

     LA   D   Breaux, John

     MA   D   Kennedy, Ted
     MA   D   Kerry, John

     MD   D   Mikulski, Barbara
     MD   D   Sarbanes, Paul

     ME   R   Snowe, Olympia

     MI   D   Levin, Carl
     MI   R   Abraham, Spencer

     MN   R   Grams, Rod 
     MN   D   Wellstone, Paul

     MO   R   Ashcroft, John
     MO   R   Bond, Christopher

     MS   R   Cochran, Thad

     MT   D   Baucus, Max
     MT   R   Burns, Conrad

     NC   R   Faircloth, Lauch
     NC   R   Helms, Jesse

     ND   D   Conrad, Kent
     ND   D   Dorgan, Byron

     NE   R   Hagel, Chuck
     NE   D   Kerrey, Bob

     NH   R   Gregg, Judd
     NH   R   Smith, Bob 

     NJ   D   Lautenberg, Frank    frank_lautenberg@lautenberg.
     NJ   D   Torricelli, Robert

     NM   D   Bingaman, Jeff
     NM   R   Domenici, Pete

     NV   D   Bryan, Richard
     NV   D   Reid, Harry

     NY   R   D'Amato, Alfonse
     NY   D   Moynihan, Daniel P.

     OH   R   Dewine, Michael
     OH   D   Glenn, John

     OK   R   Nickles, Don

     OR   D   Wyden, Ron 

     PA   R   Santorum, Rick
     PA   R   Specter, Arlen

     RI   R   Chafee, John
     RI   D   Reed, Jack 

     SC   R   Thurmond, Strom
     SC   D   Hollings, Ernest

     SD   D   Daschle, Thomas

     TN   R   Thompson, Fred
     TN   R   Frist, Bill

     TX   R   Hutchison, Kay

     UT   R   Bennett, Robert
     UT   R   Hatch, Orrin

     VA   D   Robb, Charles
     VA   D   Robb, Charles
     VA   R   Warner, John

     VT   D   Leahy, Patrick
     VT   R   Jeffords, Jim

     WA   D   Murray, Patty
     WA   R   Gorton, Slade

     WI   D   Feingold, Russell
     WI   D   Kohl, Herbert

     WV   D   Byrd, Robert
     WV   D   Rockefeller, Jay

     WY   R   Enzi, Michael
     WY   R   Thomas, Craig

Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources:
Senate Committee on Small Business:
Senate Special Committee on Aging:
Senate Republican Policy Committee:

United States House of Representatives

     ST  DS  PT  Name                  E-Mail Address

     AK  AL   R  Young, Don  

     AL   1   R  Callahan, Sonny
     AL   2   R  Everett, Terry
     AL   3   R  Riley, Bob  
     AL   5   D  Cramer, Bud 
     AL   6   R  Bachus, Spencer

     AR   4   R  Dickey, Jay 

     AZ   1   R  Salmon, Matt
     AZ   2   D  Pastor, Ed  
     AZ   4   R  Shadegg, John
     AZ   5   R  Kolbe, Jim  
     AZ   6   R  Hayworth, J.D.

     CA   1   R  Riggs, Frank
     CA   3   D  Fazio, Vic  
     CA   5   D  Matsui, Robert
     CA   6   D  Woolsey, Lynn
     CA   7   D  Miller, George
     CA   8   D  Pelosi, Nancy
     CA  10   D  Tauscher, Ellen
     CA  12   D  Lantos, Tom 
     CA  13   D  Stark, Pete 
     CA  14   D  Eshoo, Anna 
     CA  15   R  Campbell, Tom
     CA  16   D  Lofgren, Zoe
     CA  17   D  Farr, Sam   
     CA  18   D  Condit, Gary
     CA  19   R  Radanovich, George
     CA  25   R  McKeon, Howard
     CA  28   R  Dreier, David
     CA  34   D  Torres, Esteban
     CA  36   D  Harman, Jane
     CA  40   R  Lewis, Jerry
     CA  42   D  Brown, George E.
     CA  45   R  Rohrabacher, Dana
     CA  47   R  Cox, Christopher
     CA  48   R  Packard, Ron
     CA  49   R  Bilbray, Brian

     CO   2   D  Skaggs, David
     CO   6   R  Schaefer, Dan

     CT   2   D  Gejdenson, Sam
     CT   4   R  Shays, Christopher

     DE  AL   R  Castle, Michael

     FL   1   R  Scarborough, Joe
     FL   5   D  Thurman, Karen
     FL   6   R  Stearns, Cliff
     FL   7   R  Mica, John  
     FL   9   R  Bilirakis, Michael
     FL  12   R  Canady, Charles
     FL  13   R  Miller, Dan 
     FL  15   R  Weldon, Dave
     FL  19   D  Wexler, Robert
     FL  20   D  Deutsch, Peter
     FL  23   D  Hastings, Alcee

     GA   3   R  Collins, Mac
     GA   6   R  Gingrich, Newton
     GA   7   R  Barr, Bob   
     GA   8   R  Chambliss, Saxby
     GA  10   R  Norwood, Charlies
     GA  11   R  Linder, John

     GU  AL   D  Underwood, Robert

     HI   1   D  Abercrombie, Neil

     IA   1   R  Leach, Jim  
     IA   2   R  Nussle, James
     IA   4   R  Ganske, Greg
     IA   5   R  Latham, Tom 

     ID   1   R  Chenoweth, Helen

     IL   1   D  Rush, Bobby 
     IL   4   D  Gutierrez, Luis
     IL  11   R  Weller, Jerry
     IL  12   D  Costello, Jerry
     IL  13   R  Fawell, Harris
     IL  14   R  Hastert, Dennis
     IL  18   R  LaHood, Ray 
     IL  20   R  Shimkus, John

     IN   2   R  McIntosh, David
     IN   3   D  Roemer, Tim 
     IN   4   R  Souder, Mark
     IN   8   R  Hostettler, John
     IN   9   D  Hamilton, Lee
     IN  10   D  Carson, Julia

     KS   3   R  Snowbarger, Vincent
     KS   4   R  Tiahrt, Todd

     KY   1   R  Whitfield, Ed
     KY   4   R  Bunning, Jim
     KY   6   D  Baesler, Scotty

     LA   4   R  McCrery, Jim

     MA   1   D  Olver, John 
     MA   2   D  Neal, Richard
     MA   5   D  Meehan, Martin
     MA   9   D  Moakley, Joe

     MD   2   R  Ehrlich, Robert
     MD   3   D  Cardin, Ben 
     MD   4   D  Wynn, Albert

     ME   1   D  Allen, Thomas
     ME   2   D  Baldacci, John

     MI   1   D  Stupak, Bart
     MI   2   R  Hoekstra, Peter
     MI   2   R  Hoekstra, Peter
     MI   3   R  Ehlers, Vernon
     MI   4   R  Camp, Dave  
     MI   5   D  Barcia, James
     MI   6   R  Upton, Fred 
     MI   7   R  Smith, Nick 
     MI   9   D  Kildee, Dale
     MI  12   D  Levin, Sander
     MI  13   D  Rivers, Lynn
     MI  14   D  Conyers, John

     MN   1   R  Gutknect, Gil
     MN   2   D  Minge, David
     MN   3   R  Ramstad, Jim
     MN   4   D  Vento, Bruce
     MN   5   D  Sabo, Martin
     MN   6   D  Luther, Bill
     MN   7   D  Peterson, Collin
     MN   8   D  Oberstar, James

     MO   2   R  Talent, James
     MO   3   D  Gephardt, Richard

     MS   1   R  Wicker, Roger
     MS   2   D  Thompson, Bennie

     NC   1   D  Clayton, Eva
     NC   5   R  Burr, Richard
     NC   9   R  Myrick, Sue 
     NC  10   R  Ballenger, Cass
     NC  11   R  Taylor, Charles
     NC  12   D  Watt, Mel   

     ND  AL   D  Pomeroy, Earl

     NE   2   R  Christensen, Jon

     NH   2   R  Bass, Charlie

     NJ   1   D  Andrews, Robert
     NJ   2   R  LoBiondo, Frank
     NJ   7   R  Franks, Bob 
     NJ   8   D  Pascrell, William
     NJ  11   R  Frelinghuysen, Rodney

     NM   3   D  Richardson, Bill
                   (resigning to become UN Ambassador)

     NV   1   R  Ensign, John

     NY   1   R  Forbes, Michael
     NY   2   R  Lazio, Rick 
     NY   3   R  King, Peter 
     NY   7   D  Manton, Thomas
     NY   8   D  Nadler, Jerrold
     NY  13   R  Molinari, Susan
     NY  14   D  Maloney, Carolyn
     NY  15   D  Rangel, Charles
     NY  16   D  Serrano, Jose
     NY  17   D  Engel, Eliot
     NY  18   D  Lowey, Nita 
     NY  19   R  Kelly, Sue  
     NY  21   D  McNulty, Michael
     NY  23   R  Boehlert, Sherwood
     NY  25   R  Walsh, James
     NY  26   D  Hinchey, Maurice
     NY  27   R  Paxon, Bill 
     NY  28   D  Slaughter, Louise
     NY  31   R  Houghton, Amory

     OH   2   R  Portman, Rob
     OH   4   R  Oxley, Michael
     OH  12   R  Kasich, John
     OH  13   D  Brown, Sherrod
     OH  15   R  Pryce, Deborah
     OH  17   D  Traficant, James
     OH  18   R  Ney, Bob    

     OK   5   R  Istook, Jr. Ernest

     OR   1   D  Furse, Elizabeth
     OR   4   D  DeFazio, Pete

     PA   1   D  Foglietta, Thomas
     PA   7   R  Weldon, Curt
     PA   8   R  Greenwood, Jim
     PA   9   R  Shuster, Bud
     PA  11   D  Kanjorski, Paul
     PA  12   D  Murtha, John
     PA  13   R  Fox, Jon    
     PA  15   D  McHale, Paul

     SC   1   R  Sanford, Mark
     SC   4   R  Inglis, Bob 
     SC   5   D  Spratt, John
     SC   6   D  Clyburn, James

     TN   1   R  Jenkins, Bill
     TN   2   R  Duncan, John
     TN   4   R  Hilleary, Van
     TN   5   D  Clement, Bob
     TN   6   D  Gordon, Bart

     TX   3   R  Johnson, Sam
     TX   6   R  Barton, Joe 
     TX  10   D  Doggett, Lloyd
     TX  17   D  Stenholm, Charles
     TX  20   D  Gonzalez, Henry
     TX  21   R  Smith, Lamar
     TX  22   R  DeLay, Tom  
     TX  24   D  Frost, Martin
     TX  25   D  Bentsen, Ken
     TX  29   D  Green, Gene 

     VA   2   D  Pickett, Owen
     VA   6   R  Goodlatte, Bob
     VA   8   D  Moran, Jim  
     VA   9   D  Boucher, Rick
     VA  11   R  Davis, Tom  

     VT  AL   I  Sanders, Bernie

     WA   1   R  White, Rick 
     WA   3   R  Smith, Linda
     WA   5   R  Nethercutt, George
     WA   8   R  Dunn, Jennifer

     WI   1   R  Neumann, Mark
     WI   2   R  Klug, Scott 
     WI   4   D  Kleczka, Gerald
     WI   5   D  Barrett, Tom
     WI   6   R  Petri, Tom  
     WI   9   R  Sensenbrenner, James

     WV   2   D  Wise, Robert
     WV   3   D  Rahall, Nick

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