Elevating Story

A white lady on business arrived in L.A. in the heat of the Rioting. She was very nervous and distressed about her safety and the danger that she felt lurked around every corner. After checking in at the front desk she headed to the elevator. Upon arriving at the elevator there were already 3 black men on it. She quickly debated with herself about the situation. "This is ridiculous, I have nothing to fear from these men, here in the middle of a reputable hotel. Ok, no problem, I'm going to ride this elevator, etc. She then stepped into the elevator and quickly turned her back on the 3 men and faced the door.

Shortly after the door closed, she heard one of the men say "Hit the floor lady", she immediately dropped to her stomach. Upon her quick dive for the floor the 3 men broke out hysterically in laughter, the man after all, had simply meant for her to select the floor she wished to go to. She was terribly shaken and embarrassed about the whole thing, but tried to shake it off as she had several days of business to attend to.

At the end of her stay she went to check out of the hotel and pay for her room. To her confusion the clerk informed her that her room had been taken care of. He then handed her a note and explained that it had been left by the person who had picked up the tab for the room. And the note said: "Thanks for the best laugh I've ever had in an elevator. Eddie Murphy."

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lic Sunday, January 11, 1998