Useful Phrases

Useful phrases in some of European Union's minority languages:

BASQUE: Garagardo bat, mesedez. (I'd like a beer, please.)

SAMI: Otne lea cappa beaivi. (It's a nice day today.)

WELSH: Mae'r bwyd yma yn anfwytadwy, rydw i eisiau gweld y rheolwr. (This food is inedible, I want to see the manager.)

CATALAN: Vols venir al cine aquesta nit? (Do you want to go to the movies tonight?)

FRISIAN: Oeral yn 'e wrald witte se dat Friezen beste reedriders binne. (The whole world knows Frieslanders make the best ice-skaters.)

CORNISH: Pyth yw an fordh dhe Bennsans? (How do I get to Penzance?).

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